Who are we?

KC Common Good seeks to provide hope and access to opportunity for all members of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Community. We convene people and organizations who work to reduce violence, create safe and affordable housing, and ensure quality education, healthcare, and job training and placement.

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Show up! Come to our events, programs, and meetings.

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In that spirit, clergy members from the Kansas City metro area signed this interfaith statement affirming a pluralistic approach to religious freedoms.

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Attend community forums.

American Public Square, which brings together non-like-minded people to engage in civil, fact-based discourse on challenging issues, will serve as the community convener of the KC Common Good initiative.  The organization provides a forum in which both the problems faced by the community and those working to alleviate those problems can be identified and addressed. Come to an event – be part of the conversation.  Events are free and open to the community.

KC Common Good will host programs with American Public Square on topics related to addressing the root causes of violence.  Check back to learn more about our event topics, dates and details.

Advocate for others.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, affirm that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights. We are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of community. Bring hope where there is hopelessness. Step up as a community leader. Engage.

Join us!

KC Common Good wants to engage all Kansas Citizens to take action!  There is no need for even one more person to become a victim of homicide or suicide.  Let’s show one another that we care – that we have empathy and concern for our fellow community members.  

Together, we must reduce violence by improving access to opportunities for success for more members of our community.  Let’s give all members of our Greater Kansas City community a path forward toward hope, opportunity and a successful future.  

Pre-register your organization

The KC Common Good program is building a database of organizations and service providers. The Website will integrate listings from several sources, including the United Way 2-1-1 database. If your organization is not listed in 2-1-1 and you’d like us to include it in the list, fill out the form below. Representatives of KC Common Good will review these requests periodically.

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For more information, contact Alana Muller, Community Development Director, American Public Square, alana@AmericanPublicSquare.org.